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Washing up Liquid Lemon (Box 6)

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Keep your dishes sparkly clean and your hands safe with this Lemon oil washing up liquid.

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Washing up Liquid Lemon (box 6)

The natural lemon oil safely adds to the antibacterial effect of the Washing-Up Liquid and Organic Aloe Vera cares for your hands.

Lilly’s Washing-up Liquid is concentrated so a squirt or two is plenty for a sink full of dirty dishes.

Usage instructions: Squirt a small amount into your sink and add warm/hot water. Put in your dishes, leave to soak if necessary, wash and rinse.

Ingredients: 5-15% anionic surfactants*, <5% non-ionic surfactants*,<5% amphoteric surfactants*, organic aloe barbadensis leaf juice**, table salt**, citric acid**, preservative**, lemon essential oil**

*derived from coconut, wheat & sugar compounds (non GMO).

**Naturally derived & kind to your hands. 500ml

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