Lemon Cream Cleaner 500ml

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Frosch Lemon Cream Cleaner easily removes all kinds of kitchen and bathroom dirt.

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Lemon cream cleaner 500ml

  • With natural lemon extracts and marble flour, it is gentle to skin and surfaces.
  • Removes grease, limescale and soap scum.
  • Contains natural micro-fine marble flour & natural lemon extract.
  • Ensures powerful cleaning that leaves a pleasant, fresh lemon scent.
  • Ideal for cleaning ceramic, enamel and stainless steel surfaces, as well as electric and glass ceramic cooking surfaces.
  • Use in your kitchen and bathroom.


Usage Instructions

  • Apply the undiluted cream directly onto the dirty surface, scrub with a wet cloth or soft sponge, then wipe over and rinse away.
  • Do not use hard and scratchy scouring sponges. Tip: Proper dosage saves money and minimizes environmental impacts. Compared to other products, only a small amount is required.



Ingredients < 5% non-ionic surfactants, preservative (phenoxyethanol), perfumes. Further ingredients: marble flour, lemon extract.

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