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Foldaway Squeegee

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Foldaway Squeegee – This foldaway squeegee has a die-cast zinc handle that folds up for easy storage. The precisely angled blade and weighted handle are designed to smoothly glide across glass surfaces for an easy, streak-free clean. Includes a suction cup for convenient hanging and storage.

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Foldaway Squeegee:

  • Effortless, streak-free clean – Our supple blade is designed to be firm, but forgiving It’s precisely angled for smooth, even contact through the entire stroke – no skittering and no streaks.
  • Rustproof materials – Durable stainless steel construction is corrosion-resistant and easy to clean.
  • Foldaway handle – Handle folds parallel to the blade for compact storage.
  • Die-cast zinc handle – Provides a comfortable grip and the right amount of weight for a perfectly balanced feel.
  • Easy to hang and store – Includes a suction cup to hang the squeegee on the wall or shower door.
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