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Adjustable Shower Caddy Plus, Stainless Steel

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Enjoy a neater, more spa-like shower! Our new adjustable shower caddy plus offers more shelf space and even greater adjustability. In addition to movable shelves, the neck can extend up to 30cm to make room for those really tall bottles. It also lets you position the caddy lower for easy access — very child-friendly. Innovative dividers and compartments are designed to hold bulky modern tools like facial cleansing brushes and oversized razors. Constructed from stainless steel and anodised aluminium so it is rustproof and easy to clean.

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Adjustable Shower Caddy Plus, Stainless Steel:

  • Adjustable shelves – Slide up, down and sideways to make room for taller bottles.
  • Designed for modern tools – Large, modern shower accessories are hard to fit. Our innovative storage options are designed specifically with those tools in mind.
  • Solid and secure – Solid materials and secure installation give our caddies the feel of built-in fixtures.
  • Shower caddy plus – Our new plus model has extra capacity and an extendable neck — a great family organiser!
  • Quick adjust – Easily reposition shelves with a quick turn of the dial.
  • Rust-proof materials – Constructed from stainless steel and anodized aluminium.
  • Quick-dry soap dish – Drains water completely so soap stays dry and lasts longer.
  • Easy dispensing – Store bottles upside-down for effortless dispensing.
  • Convenient storage hooks – Hold a razor, loofah or other accessories.
  • Washcloth hanger (shower caddy plus only) – Wire lip on bottom shelf is perfect for holding washcloths.
  • Small item holder (shower caddy plus only) – Securely stores small items like rings or hair ties.
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