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20cm Cooks- Sabatier Trompette Knife

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20cm Cooks- Sabatier Trompette Knife

Designed to a professional standard, Sabatier Trompette have extra carbon in the alloy of the blade to make it harder and slower to blunt.
The blade tapers from the spine to the cutting edge giving effortless precision cutting, greater stability and durability.
The full stainless steel tang running the whole length of the handle gives these knives exceptional strength, resilience and control.
Dishwasher Safe
25 year guarantee.

Also known as a Chef’s Knife, the Sabatier Trompette Cook’s Knife can be used for slicing, dicing, chopping and mincing. The shape of the blade allows the cook to rock the knife for a precise clean cut.

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20cm Cooks- Sabatier Trompette Knife

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