German Sustainability Award for Recyclable Plastic

German Sustainability Award Design 2021

The German Sustainability Award is an established name when it comes to recognizing sustainable brands and concepts. In 2009 Frosch was the winner in the category Most Sustainable Brand. There’s cause for celebration this year too. In the category “Design”, which honors visionary, sustainable packaging concepts, the recyclable packaging from Frosch (Werner & Mertz) was among the winners.

Our Recyclate Initiative founded in 2012 has impressively proven that brand name packaging can be produced with used plastic obtained from the Yellow Bag, the jury said about its choice of Frosch. The technology makes that possible not only for laundry detergents and cleaning products, but – for the first time ever – shower gels too. The jury also said that there is no comparable reuse of the mixed packaging from post-consumer waste collections anywhere else in the world.

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